2015: The Year Brands Entered Mobile Messaging

This has been the year that forward-thinking brands made their way into the mobile messaging space, connecting with consumers in a more meaningful, organic way. At Snaps, we’ve partnered with some of the largest brands in the world to provide an end-to-end solution for marketing across this new and fragmented space. As 2016 begins, we are taking a bird’s-eye-look at the over 100 million interactions across our platform and identifying some of the major trends that we have seen across this this evolving marketing channel.

Consumer Brands

The goal for consumer brands in mobile messaging is authentic brand engagement. And that’s what they got - in the form of branded emojis. Across the largest consumer brand campaigns in messaging, brand logos have been among the top shared pieces of content this year.


Consumer Brand conversations tend to be driven by positive emotions. In fact, the top shared emotion across brand campaigns was happiness.

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The second most shared emotion was love.

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In addition to logos and feelings, product and food items were a big hit, with keyboard users sharing their tastes (and hunger) with friends and family.

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Tim Horton’s was able to drive the highest branded emoji shares on a single day by launching its keyboard on Canada Day. Using nationalism and a as a hook for customers. The casual dining chain was able to drive over 244k emoji shares in a single day of its Canadian themed content.


We also saw massive success for our TV and Film clients, with over 9m pieces of content shared across the top properties. Mobile was a true second screen, with usage of entertainment-based keyboards spiking around TV air dates and film premieres. In fact, for television, shares were 5x greater on days when the programs were broadcasted.

Event-based demand also brought in new users, with downloads spiking around air dates and box office openings. We even saw patterns in keyboard usage tied to patterns around go-to-theatre for films like Hotel Transylvania 2 and Goosebumps.

RuPaul’s Drag Race drove the most content shares on a single day across the Snaps platform by rallying the cast to tweet and promote the keyboard to fans. The cast tweeted about the new keyboard during premiere day - driving over 100k downloads, 500k content shares, and 1MM keyboard launches in the first 24 hours.

For our television clients, GIFs trended as the most popular content - making the second-screen model quite literal. Though top GIFs were on average 61% more popular than top stickers and emojis, one of the biggest shares this year was for Broad City’s “YAS!”

This is on trend with what we saw across television: fans love to share excitement. In fact, excitement was the top emotion shared across all of the entertainment clients on the Snaps Platform.


The Have and Have Nots did a particularly stellar job at driving second screen usage before and during broadcast by promoting its keyboard during each broadcast on-air - leading to its keyboard trending in the Apple App Store each week of its summer season. The show also updated the content before each show and sent out a notification to its users - driving increased tune-in and content sharing (see graph below).


Sports/College Football

Event based usage is also a trend in sports - including both for Universities and professional sports teams. Many of our sports clients took full advantage of the Snaps Dashboard to update their messaging content in real-time on game day, and let their fans know that there was new content available using push notifications. This approach caused game day, peer-to-peer content sharing to increase by 10x - leading to significant organic keyboard downloads among fans who had not installed the keyboard yet.

Mississippi State University is a great example of a sports team that drove significant engagement every game day of their season - driving large spikes in content sharing (see below).

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This type of real-time marketing provides relevancy for sports fans, and provides the perfect ammo they need for smack talking with their friends and opponents on game day.

The most shared content for sports teams centered around a few common themes. The top shared type of content is team logos:

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The second most popular type of sports content that was shared on our platform was team mascots:

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Fans also like to highlight their favorite players during game day when a big play is made:

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After taking a closer look at this past year on the Snaps Platform, one thing is clear: people really love to share content from their favorite publishers - whether those publishers make goods, provide services, or produce entertainment. Content in messaging is self selected and is shared with family and friends in the most intimate of digital settings - mobile messaging applications.

This may beg the question as to who are these users, and where are they sharing content. We’ve found that our users use a lot of different messaging services in their daily lives, with iMessage and Hangouts being dominant in the US, and Snapchat and Facebook Messenger being the most popular third party applications. WhatsApp was by far the most used messaging app in Europe and South America.

Third party keyboard users are also primarily iOS users, female and under the age of 30.

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