Product Update: Global Search, Custom Validators, Single Sign On, And More

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A recap of all of the new features, functionality, and bug fixes our product and engineering team have delivered recently.

Global Search

We’ve added in the ability to search for Blocks, Intents, Reengagements, Acquisition Sources, and more from anywhere in Snaps. This makes discovery and navigation within your org much faster.

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Advanced Language Tooling

Snaps has always supported the deployment of conversational AI in multiple markets and languages. However, many customers have run into trouble when attempting to build out their experience in a new language or market while still publishing changes to their existing languages. Now, languages that are still being built out can be set to inactive, so you can publish updates to your existing experience without pushing out half-finished content in languages yet to be deployed. Learn more


Custom Validators

Snaps comes with a range of prebuilt validations (email, phone, ZIP code, etc) that can be used to validate what a user says. In addition to this standard validation, our customers often need a way to validate user input based on highly specialized, use case specific parameters such as order or account number, agent availability, open appointment slots, etc. Snaps now supports building and using custom validator scripts directly within the platform. 

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Configurable Handoff Application Per Channel

At Snaps, we’re focused on building the best enterprise conversational layer that sits across multiple messaging channels, enabling you to meet your users wherever they are. We’ve found that many of our partners use different customer service providers for different channels: they may use Salesforce to manage their web and SMS experiences but use Sprinklr to handle care inquiries on Facebook Messenger.

 Our handover tooling now allows you to decide which care platform you’d like to send users to depending on what channel they’re chatting on. This means you can now power the same conversational experience on Messenger, web and SMS but send your Messenger users to Sprinklr and your SMS and web users to Salesforce, giving you total control of the conversation.

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User Property Locations & Search

You can discover all of the locations that a user property is being both set and called. No more clicking through every block, reengagement, or saved segment to find out where a certain property is being used. You can always find a list of user property locations on the User Property page, or you can search for locations using the “#” prefix when performing a standard search. Learn more about user properties.

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Single Sign On Support

Snaps now supports a single sign option for our enterprise partners who want to manage employee account access through an SSO provider. You’ll see a “Sign on with SSO” option at the bottom of the standard login screen. Contact your Customer Success Manager if your team is interested in learning more about this option.

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