Security at Snaps: Announcing ISO 27001

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At Snaps, we take security seriously: we’re focused on empowering enterprise companies transforming their customer journey with conversational AI experiences. Conversational AI leverages NLP to glean intent, sentiment and structured data from unstructured text and voice. This nascent space and interaction model presents fresh challenges and Snaps is committed to leading the industry from both a functional and security perspective.

As part of our continuous journey to improve on our security practices, we’re happy to announce that Snaps has received ISO 27001 certification after completing a comprehensive review from an independent auditing firm. ISO 27001 is an internationally accepted set of security standards and best practices that Snaps adheres to. Compliant companies are required to have an information security management system (ISMS) in place. Our ISMS is a systematic framework for managing and securing important and sensitive information within our organization, ensuring that the data of our partners and their customers is always handled and stored properly.

“The ISO certification process has helped us look at and manage risk in a holistic way”, says Snaps VP of Engineering, Joseph Rettenmyer. “Of course your data is encrypted in transit and at rest, but our clients count on us for more than just encryption. Our certified ISMS has positively impacted the quality of our software, infrastructure, deployment process, disaster recovery playbooks and general operating procedures. The road to ISO has helped us become an even stronger partner for our clients and we are proud of the security culture we have built here at Snaps.”  

Being an ISO 27001 certified company is just one way in which Snaps is committed to respecting and protecting our clients data. Snaps already complies with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) and we will continue to pursue security certifications and procedures that give global enterprise brands and their customers confidence that their conversations, no matter where they occur, are being protected and properly handled.

If you are exploring, experimenting or deploying conversational experiences, Snaps can help you not only meet your security and compliance requirements, but can also help you navigate the many considerations to effectively implementing a winning conversational strategy.  To learn more about our product and services, check our Knowledge Base or Schedule a Demo.

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