Product Update: New Web Chat, Oracle Service Cloud Application & More

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A recap of all of the new features, functionality, and bug fixes our product and engineering team delivered recently.

Entry & Exit Conditions

You can now add conditions that will run before or after a block. These can be used to route users to specific parts a flow if certain conditions match, and to serve up contextualized responses based on where a user triggers an intent. Read our blog post for a more detailed overview or refer to the entry and exit conditions documentation for help building your own.

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New and Improved Web Chat

We’ve launched our new web chat, complete with notifications badges and a smoother, cleaner UI. To learn about how to deploy web chat read our documentation or reach out to your customer success manager.

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Settings Menu 

 You can now jump to the knowledge base, view product updates, check on our system status, and log out all from the settings menu. Continue to manage your profile and team by clicking on the settings icon.

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Go to Block Navigation 

Next to every button and quick reply, you'll now see an arrow that will allow you to jump to that block, making in-bot navigation much quicker.

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Google My Business Integration 

Clients working with the GMB beta can now deploy their experiences using the GMB channel adapter. Reach out to your costumer success manager if you’re interested in learning more about deploying conversational AI on Google My Business.

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Full Access Role 

Technical, self service users now have access to custom code, scripts, secondary applications, and the full suite of functionality Snaps offers. If interested provision a new user with the “full access” role or reach out to your customer success manager for more details.

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Credentials Plugin

You can now quickly and securely store API keys for reference within custom code, making integrating with your existing data and software stack more frictionless. Learn more about utilizing custom code in Snaps.

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Free Text Labeling

Previously, training your NLP model required deep understanding of the intents, classes and slots.  We’ve now introduced labeling, which simplifies the process of providing feedback to your NLP model.  This feedback allows for better monitoring, reporting and optimization of the precision of your NLP model.


Oracle Service Cloud Application

We’ve built an application adapter to support seamless handoff for our customers using Oracle Service Cloud. Leveraging our Conversations API, the application provides a single integration point that supports human agent handoff across various messaging channels. If your interested in integrating your experience with Oracle Service Cloud, reach out to your costumer success manager.

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Front Integration

Our Front integration supports customers who want to seamlessly hand users off between their conversational AI and a human agent, but who are constrained by their existing customer service software. Front combined with our Conversations API provides a channel agnostic support solution that allows you to test new channels quickly. Reach out to your customer success manager for more about adding multi-channel human support to your chat experiences.


Bug Fixes and Upgrades

  • The new url for our platform is (don’t worry, older urls still work)

  • Fixed an issue causing the right channel on the scripts page to disappear for smaller monitors

  • Fixed a bug that was causing tooltips to not appear for user properties on the demographics page

  • Fixed a bug that was causing the “limit sample length” checkbox to not work properly

  • Fixed a bug that was causing the handoff modal to overflow for some users

  • Corrected an issue that was causing the Facebook Channels table to occasionally crash when there were lots of FB pages connected

  • Fixed a bug that made it impossible for non-global users to edit a group name

To learn more about any of these features reach out to your costumer success manager or refer to our knowledge base, if you're interested in learning more about how conversational AI can help your business, schedule a demo.


The Snaps team