30% of iMessage Stickers Are Dragged onto Conversations: Exclusive Snaps Data

Since the launch of the iMessage store two weeks ago, Snaps had more than 15 apps featured, including KevMoji which was the #1 Paid App. 
One of the essential benefits of working with Snaps is that our brands gain access to our backend content management system, or CMS. This allows brands to not only publish iMessage sticker apps + update effortlessly (without any coding), but our clients are able to get real-time analytics and insights into the sticker pack users. 
We've been paying close attention to the data, observing how people are using the new sticker feature and one particular data-point stands out: 
About 25-30% of all stickers are dragged onto the conversation. 
For those of you haven't seen it yet, in the new iMessage, users can not only send stickers in-line conversation but can also drag & drop stickers into messages. Like this:

iMessage Stickers

The 30% numbers varies a small amount from brand-to-brand but it's *surprisingly* consistent after analyzing over half-a-million shared images.
In addition to the immersive, drag-able stickers, we're loving the new animated sticker feature (think of them like very detailed mini-GIFs with no borders) and expect to see a lot more of these in the coming days. 
We'll make sure to keep Snaps customers aware of the latest trends and insights from these large messaging platforms.