Make it Easier for Customers to Book a Flight With an Airline Bot


Competition is a constant in the airline industry. That’s one reason providing high-quality customer service is a must. The easier it is to book a flight with your airline, the greater the odds customers will choose it. That’s where chatbots for airlines come in. Technological advances have allowed developers to create airline bots that can offer a friendly customer service experience, while also helping airlines save money, boost brand loyalty, and increase bookings.

At Snaps, we have the skills and expertise necessary to develop the best airline chatbot for your business. We’ll gladly explain what features are available, which platforms the software is compatible with, and what technologies we’ll incorporate to ensure your customers are more than satisfied when they book a flight with your bot.

The Benefits of an Airline Chatbot

Traveling is stressful; coordinating flights is complicated. Thus, it’s no surprise that the airline industry is often the target of criticisms regarding poor customer service. Delays, cancellations, and even factors unrelated to the airline itself, like TSA policies, all result in unhappy fliers who want to know the airline is ready to meet their needs. That’s why you need effective customer service solutions.

Customer Service

That’s not easy when you rely on human representatives. Maintaining a large enough staff to respond to customers efficiently is expensive. Very often, airlines must strike a balance between customer satisfaction and cost-effectiveness. As a result, fliers are often forced into long wait times and less than ideal customer service experiences. This isn’t the kind of unpleasant impression you want fliers associating your business with.

With an airline chat bot, on the other hand, you can respond to your customers quickly, without being forced to hire additional staff. Chatbots for airlines can answer basic questions, help fliers access documents like boarding passes, and refer people to the relevant department in situations where it’s necessary to speak with a human representative.

Booking and Upselling

In fact, airline bots aren’t just useful when fliers have questions or feedback; they can also simplify many of the processes involved in air travel. For instance, customers can book a flight with a bot, saving a lot of time as a result.

Equip the bot with artificial intelligence technology, and it can even gather information from frequent customers, offering amenities or services that may appeal to them. This ensures the booking process runs smoothly, while also boosting the likelihood that customers will choose to make upgrades. It’s easy to alert them to options they may be happy to pay for when a friendly airline chatbot suggests them.

Airlines throughout the industry have already begun experimenting with chatbots. To keep up with the competition, look into how your business can take advantage of this technology.

airline chatbot - British Airways

How Snaps Optimizes Chatbots for Airlines

Not all chatbots are equally useful. You need to coordinate with specialists who know how to design the ideal product for an airline. At Snaps, we’ll work closely with you to ensure your goals are met with our airline chat bots.

Integrates With Existing Messaging Platforms

For instance, customers that book a flight with a bot enjoy an even more convenient experience when they can access it via a messaging platform they already use. With Snaps, you can build one airline chatbot, releasing it across multiple platforms, including Facebook Messenger, Slack, and even Amazon Alexa. Customers are more likely to fly with your company if booking the trip is as simple as contacting the airline bot with their preferred messaging service.

Customized Upgrade Suggestions

Conversational airline chatbots can also boost conversions by suggesting extra deals, features, or amenities that customers might be interested in. Thanks to real-time analytics, funnel optimization, and similar tools, Snaps lets you constantly monitor how effective your bot has been at driving conversions.

Money Savings

Best of all, building an airline chatbot is significantly less expensive than building an app. Because you can launch the bot on existing platforms, you don’t need to develop the infrastructure to support all the functions of an app. Instead, you can save money by leveraging the infrastructure those platforms already offer. This is just one more way that chatbots for airlines help you save money.

Personalized Airline Marketing

Airline bots can even be designed to automate and personalize your marketing efforts. For instance, if a previous customer appears interested in traveling to a specific destination, your bot could reach out to them directly and let them know about flights to that spot. AI tech allows the airline chatbot to learn more about each individual customer’s preferences than any human customer service representative could learn.

At Snaps, we’re committed to incorporating all the features you need to release an airline chatbot your customers will love. This dedication to quality products and client satisfaction has allowed us to work with major brands like Nike, Gatorade, and Marriott, among many others.

When you’re ready to build a chatbot for your airline, we’ll design a product that reduces your customer service expenses and boosts your overall customer loyalty. To learn more about what we can do for you, schedule a demo today.