iOS11 Drives 300% Higher Engagement In iMessage Sticker Apps

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Last week Apple launched iOS 11 across all of its iPhone and iPad devices. As part of that update, Apple launched a completely refreshed iMessage design, which focuses more on highlighting iMessage applications that users have on their devices.

In other words, the new iMessage layout deliverers superior discoverability and sharability for iMessage experiences.

At Snaps, we power branded social messaging applications for more than 80 brands. We’re observing an average of 300% increase in iMessage sticker pack launches across all of the iMessage experiences powered by the Snaps Conversational Marketing Cloud.

As of October 2, Mixpanel has reported only 33% adoption of iOS11. That means the opportunity to drive even higher engagement is just starting!

ios11 adoption

Creating social messaging experiences for iOS11 is a great opportunity for brand marketers.  If you're interested in iMessage, kindly reach out to