Chatbots for Healthcare: Applications of Conversational AI


Chatbots are offering a lot of convenience across many industries, and one that we see greatly benefiting from the artificial intelligence is healthcare. How comfortable would you be discussing your personal health information with a healthcare AI tool? Well, considering many people would prefer to communicate with a company over Messenger than talk to one over the phone, it will only be a matter of time until we all will be going to chatbots with questions regarding our health. Instead of referencing WebMD, misdiagnosing yourself, and walking away convinced that your common cold is actually a life-threatening illness, a chatbot for healthcare can help you find better answers and information.

Since AI and healthcare is still a relatively new innovation, we cannot give these tools too much responsibility when it comes to engaging with patients beyond customer service and other basic tasks. However, there are still some great use cases that healthcare AI can help with today.

Scheduling Healthcare Appointments With an AI Chatbot

A chatbot for healthcare is great at creating a more seamless experience in terms of setting up appointments and following up with patients. In a similar way that companies are using chatbots to help with customer service and free up agents, so too can they be used for more complicated tasks.

Bots can do the same thing within the healthcare industry. Emergency cases aside, healthcare AI chatbots can help organize schedules for staff and keep them up to date. On the patient side, they can be used to help schedule appointments and cross-reference healthcare staffers’ calendars to ensure accuracy. The convenient and efficiency of using a chatbot for healthcare appointments allows other employees to focus on more complex patient requests and reduce human error or scheduling conflicts.

Monitoring Symptoms

Chatbots offer a conversational way for patients to discuss their symptoms and how they’re feeling and the chatbot can keep a record of all this information. The chatbot can ask important questions like what someone’s temperature is, how long it has been there and any other symptoms they may be having. The chatbot will not be able to diagnose anyone, but they will be able to create an organized record for nurses and doctors, so when patients come in they can be diagnosed quicker and more efficiently.

Mental Health

There are a variety of bots that give users a very humanized experience, so users feel as though they’re talking to a real person. For many people, just being able to talk about how they’re feeling and any anxieties they may be having is incredibly helpful in establishing better mental health.

For patients like this, they can use a conversational chatbot for healthcare as an outlet to discuss their feelings. If their needs go beyond the capabilities of the bot, a healthcare professional can step in and easily take over, while being able to reference the interactions between the patient and chatbot.

Claims and Billing

No one wants to have to deal with claims, insurance companies and medical bills. Thankfully, healthcare AI chatbots can assist with these tasks. A chatbot for healthcare has the capacity to check existing coverage, help file claims and track the status of claims. Healthcare AI tools can also help doctors through the pre-authorization process and billing enquiries.

AI and healthcare are converging to enhance the patient and provider experiences. Though the tasks for a chatbot in healthcare are basic for now, the potential for them to be used as diagnostic tools and more is apparent. Even at this stage, they are helping reduce staff load and overhead costs, improve patient services, and provide a 24/7 conversation outlet.

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