Examples of Successful E-Commerce and Shopping Chatbots


Chatbots are changing the face of retail. They are offering consumers better experiences when it comes to shopping, customer service, product selection and more. For brands, a shopping chatbot a great way to engage with customers and boost sales. Here are a few chatbot examples from companies that are using the AI tech to expand their businesses.

Aerie Increase User Acquisition With Their Shopping Chatbot

Aerie is the clothing and lingerie spin off of American Eagle Outfitters. When it comes to exemplifying the success of using a chatbot for retail, the brand has been appealing to millennials and Gen Z with the use of chatbots via Kik messenger.

Since it is a retail brand with a younger audience of shoppers, it makes sense for them to jump on the new technology to reach their target demographic on the platforms they’re already using. The ecommerce chatbot lets you browse their products based on personal preferences.

The most popular part of the shopping chatbot is that it offers a this or that option. Consumers are shown two different styles of clothing or lingerie and they pick the image they prefer. This helps the bot tailor the items they show the user.

After a few rounds of this and that, the ecommerce bot customizes its item recommendations further to offer the perfect, stylized selection. According to their CTO, “Within weeks, our chatbots have acquired more than double the average number of users we add monthly across all social channels combined. We’re thrilled to see the high rate of adoption of our chatbots and the benefits they are bringing to our customers.”

Nike’s Chatbot Boosts Conversions From Their Retail Messenger Campaign

When Nike partnered with Snaps to promote Nike AirMax Day, they pursued a conversational marketing strategy that leveraged a chatbot for retail. With our expertise and they’re well-honed brand image, the results from the campaign were impressive.

The Nike StyleBot brought the brand’s unique Nike ID platform to Facebook Messenger through an AI ecommerce bot. Customers could style their own shoe designs or browse previously uploaded versions for inspiration. The ability to mix-and-match, create their own styles, and share with friends all through the conversational platform of Facebook Messenger made this shopping chatbot a true success.

By the end of the campaign, the average CTR was 12.5X higher than their other campaigns. Conversions, too, received a huge boost: 4X higher than the brand average.

Ebay Built an Ecommerce Bot to Be the Ultimate Auction Tool

Ebay began their chatbot for retail experiment by using Facebook Messenger to alert users when an auction listing was about to end, allowing them to get the last bid in if they wish. Since then, they have explored more use cases and chatbot examples and developed ShopBot, a shopping assistant that helps consumers find the items they desire at the price they want.

For example, tell the ecommerce bot that you want men’s tennis shoes under $100 and it will ask you questions regarding the brand and color until it finds the perfect fit (pun-intended). By using a chatbot for retail that tailors recommendations to such an extent, Ebay’s auction platform becomes even more efficient and successful.

Shopbot has seen a lot of engagement. In fact, the shopping chatbot’s users are three times more likely to ask questions about products than those only using the website for information.

What all of these chatbot examples demonstrate is that more engagement leads to happier customers, and happier customers lead to more sales.

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