Expanding the Funnel Beyond Email With Chatbots-101


There comes a time when a marketing channel is no longer as effective as it once was. Where previously considered powerful and on the cutting edge, a channel will start to see an increase in competition and costs. As a result, it will then begin to become less effective. It’s a challenge many marketers face, and one we have seen before, especially with email. With oversaturation threatening the effectiveness of this channel, it’s time to consider the next platform you can use to reach your customers. That’s where chatbot marketing comes in.

Chatbot Marketing is the Solution to the Email Problem

Email was once a very effective and personal way of getting in touch with customers, keeping them informed and ultimately driving sales. Unfortunately for marketers, email has become an increasingly popular marketing channel and therefore, it has become harder and harder to find success through it.

More specifically, it is becoming more expensive to get email addresses and click rates are rapidly declining. In fact, it is becoming a struggle to even reach people’s inboxes due to Google separating promotional emails into separate tabs.

People’s inboxes are not only getting bombarded by brands they have bought from and subscribed to, but also ones they haven’t even heard of. They’re now even getting served ads to their inboxes, which makes them more wary and difficult to convert.

With email no longer performing how it once did, marketers have to look for new opportunities to reach customers. One new way to expand the funnel is with chatbot marketing.

What is a Chatbot?

Chatbots have grown in popularity, and it’s likely you’ve now used or heard of one. Ever since Facebook allowed chatbots to work over Messenger, many companies have begun utilizing them to increase sales, improve customer service, find new customers, serve content, and more

It is essential to decide what you want your bot to be used for before you consider how to make a chatbot. Once you have a clear purpose and place for it in your marketing funnel, then you can begin to build a brand new way to reach the customers you want.

How to Make a Chatbot That Expands Your Funnel

To grow your funnel using chatbot marketing, there a couple different things you can do:

  1. Enable users to opt-in to receive content and/or a newsletter from your company. This is a great way to engage your followers and also promote your products.
  2. Offer discounts codes. Do you have a new user talking to your chatbot? Immediately offer them a discount code to get them through the funnel fast and solidify a connection with them over this platform. You can then offer them other product recommendations based on what they have bought.
  3. Set up meetings and/or bookings through chatbot marketing. For example, Sephora allows people to set up makeup appointments through their chatbot. As a result, they’ve experienced an 11% increase in booking rates.

Chatbot marketing offers a new frontier for your funnel, so be creative in your strategy. When it comes to marketing, those that think outside the box as they consider how to make a chatbot that achieves their target goals will be rewarded.

Don’t end up stuck in the past with email. It’s time to expand your funnel with chatbot marketing: Contact Snaps today to discuss how to make a chatbot that’s tailored to your brand.  


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