Facebook Messenger Means Business With Latest Update: What Marketers Need To Know

Since the announcement of the Facebook Messenger Platform a little over two months ago, we have been working diligently to bring our clients the best chatbot experiences on Messenger, which now boasts over 900 MAUs. In the latest update by Facebook, they opened up some new functionality that will make our clients' chatbot experiences richer and will provide an even better experience for the end user. Learn more about these updates, and what they mean for your brand in our Messenger roundup below. Rich media comes to the Messenger Platform:

Now GIFs, Videos, Sound, and Files can be distributed within a brand chat. Chatbots make the perfect distribution method for sharing your latest content with your audience in a personalized, conversational setting. Your content can now play directly in thread during a session, and you can let your community know when there is new content available on an ongoing basis. This update opens up the opportunity for brands to provide rich media tailored to the specific user based on past history and behavior while connecting with your business.

Facebook Messenger video

Better User Controls and Navigation:

With the latest update to the Messenger Platform there have been a few user experience changes to allow the end user to have more control over the session. The most exciting one of these controls is a “Persistent Menu,” which provides a great way for users to take actions such as: restarting their session within a brand chat, starting a new order, or going directly to your businesses website.


The second update is called Quick Replies, which are a new in-chat navigation change that allow users to have a guided experience through the conversation, and eliminate the need for static buttons in the chat stream from previous responses or sessions – providing a cleaner experience for each customer.


Secure Account Linkage:

If your customers have users accounts with your business, you can now link those accounts to your audience in Facebook Messenger. This is great for retail brands, financial institutions, entertainment providers, and any other business that has digital user accounts. Secure account linkage means fast customer identification and more personalized experiences for users. Account linkage ties together the worlds of social interaction and the metrics that drive your business in a more meaningful way than ever before seen in a digital social setting.

These updates are huge for brands that would like to unlock the power of brand chats at scale on the Messenger Platform. With these latest functionality updates and the continued evolution of best practices, it is our commitment to provide our clients with the expertise necessary to have the best chatbot experiences on Messenger.

MessengerTina Lam