Snaps Listed In Facebook Messenger Platform Development Provider Directory

Today, Facebook published a directory that makes it easier for brands to find companies to help build Messenger experiences. Snaps, the next generation marketing platform behind the chatbots from Nike Jordan, Marriott Rewards, Bud Light & Nordstrom, is proud to announce we are one of the few companies listed in the directory! Facebook had an evaluation process and sorted platforms into two groups:

  • Automated Chat: Help businesses leverage their existing resources and automate their replies so they can reach more people.
  • Live Chat: Help businesses build relationships in real-time and respond to people right away, right where they are.

Snaps will be listed under the Automated Chat group, helping businesses leverage their existing resources and automating their replies and communications so that they, the businesses, can reach more people!

This announcement coincides with the launch of the Snaps Conversational Marketing Cloud, the first end-to-end platform for brand marketing, commerce, and customer support initiatives in mobile messaging. Snaps Conversational Marketing Cloud ™ empowers creative marketers to create their own chatbots, Facebook Messenger Chat Extensions, emoji keyboards, and custom iMessage experiences. Our platform also offers in-depth insights and analytics, allowing brands to track real-time performance, receive user insights, and analyze customer conversions.

If you're interested in building a bot for Facebook Messenger, please reach out to us or just find us on the Facebook Platform Development Providers For Messenger Directory.