Using Chatbots to Style Your Wardrobe


You likely already know that chatbots can handle a wide range of basic customer service tasks. What you might not know, however, is that they’re also very useful for fashion retail brands who are hoping to offer their customers additional valuable services through conversational commerce. With a fashion chatbot, users have access to their very own personal stylists who can help them curate their wardrobe, put together an outfit, and even find new products that match their unique style. Sophisticated artificial intelligence even allows these fashion bots to learn about each individual customer via their interactions. Meanwhile, a send to Messenger option can transition customers seamlessly between product pages, resulting in a personal experience tailored to each user’s specific tastes and preferences.

In order to best take advantage of this trend of AI in fashion, brands must partner with developers who have experience developing chatbots for commerce. A beauty chatbot will only be valuable to customers if the team that develops the tool understands how to leverage AI fashion  and conversational marketing appropriately.

At Snaps, we’ve created fashion chatbots for a wide range of major retail clients, including Nike and Simon. Our team will work closely with you to develop the ideal AI fashion tool for your needs. By incorporating fashion bot technology and conversational commerce tactics – like including a send to Messenger plugin – we’ll create a product that delivers a substantial return on investment.

How AI Fashion Chatbots Improve Daily Life for Customers

In the world of fashion, customers benefit from being able to work with experts who know their individual style. That said, providing every customer with their own personal stylist isn’t feasible for any retailer. That’s why luxury fashion brands have begun developing and releasing beauty chatbots that fill many of the same roles a personal stylist would.

Use Cases of AI in Fashion

For instance, Tommy Hilfiger released a Facebook chatbot in 2016 that depicts some of the best ways to leverage conversational commerce. The fashion bot provided users with style advice, browsing options, and behind-the-scenes fashion show content.

H&M’s fashion chatbot helps users find the ideal item for their fashion goals by recommending products from the retailer’s large inventory based on user-supplied descriptions.

Levi’s, too, offers customers a personal stylist bot that suggests the perfect pair of jeans based on their answers to certain questions.

It’s easy to see how both customers and retailers benefit from such examples of AI in fashion. For shoppers, the experience of finding a garment is much simpler when they can describe what they’re looking for to a beauty chatbot, instead of wasting time browsing the inventory online or in-store. On top of that, if the AI fashion bot is equipped with a strong learning framework, it can teach itself about a client’s style, thereby offering even more relevant suggestions in the future.

fashion chatbot - tailor

Benefits of a Beauty Chatbot for Businesses

Retailers benefit from fashion chatbots thanks to the advantages of conversational commerce. A beauty chatbot that knows exactly what type of items a given customer wants can direct individuals towards products they’re more likely to buy.

Although the AI fashion chatbot could be built so only users initiate a conversation, it could also be programmed to reach out to individual customers directly on Facebook using the Send to Messenger plugin. With such a tool, customers could be directly alerted to sales or promotions they may be interested in.

Additionally, a strong chatbot for commerce can exhibit a “personality” that matches the retailer’s branded identity. This helps forge strong relationships with customers and boosts overall brand loyalty.

Optimize a Chatbot for Commerce With Professional Chatbot Developers

There are many reasons fashion brands striving to offer users personalized style advice should consider releasing a beauty chatbot. First of all, developing a chatbot tends to be less expensive than developing an app. Second, while an app requires users to download a new program, that isn’t necessarily the case with an AI fashion bot.

The Snaps team has experience with developing chatbots for commerce that can be launched on a wide range of platforms your customers may already use, like Facebook Messenger, Slack, Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa. With a send to Messenger feature or send to Messenger plugin on your brand’s Facebook page, you can even allow your chatbot to contact users directly.

At Snaps, maximizing your return on investment is among our top priorities. Although the primary goal is always to develop a useful beauty chatbot that provides real value to users, we also understand how to develop a bot that yields more purchases, increases brand loyalty, and – in many cases – reduces costs for our clients. Since your AI fashion bot can perform many tasks that may have been typically performed by human workers in the past, you can reduce expenses by relying on a bot to take over those responsibilities.

Best of all, while a human stylist won’t be available to meet the needs of every customer right away, an AI fashion chatbot can address each customer’s needs immediately. Chatbots for commerce also reduce new customer acquisition costs by automating certain marketing tasks. Think of a chatbot like a sales assistant; it can reach out to potential customers directly to offer them a curated experience through conversational commerce.

Our team at Snaps is ready to help optimize your conversational commerce strategy. We’ll coordinate with you to ensure the finished AI fashion chatbot exceeds the expectations of both you and your customers. To learn more, schedule a demo today!