Five Ways To Market Your Brand On Facebook Messenger

At Snaps it’s our mission to connect your brand to the 250 billion+ messages sent per day, and as part of this mission, we are building products to put your brand at the heart of those conversations. The Snaps Dashboard houses brand messaging content including emojis, stickers, GIFs, video and more - which makes it the perfect tool to manage your ongoing mobile messaging initiatives. Yesterday, Facebook opened up Messenger to allow businesses to communicate with their audiences on a one-to-one basis at scale. In anticipation of this announcement, we’ve been working around the clock on our Conversations product, which plugs directly into Messenger within the Snaps Dashboard to help marketers connect with the 900 million users on Messenger.

Here are five ways you can interact with your fans on this new marketing channel: VS-bot

1) Distribute your brand’s content

We’ve seen a huge explosion of content being shared across mobile messaging applications in the past year – everything from emojis, stickers, GIFs and video. There are over 100 brands on the Snaps platform already that can now distribute content across Facebook Messenger in a one-to-one experience. Using Conversations, your brand can also link to longer form articles and videos to drive eyeballs to your branded content.

 2) Increase purchase intent and mobile commerce

When connecting with your fans on a one-to-one level, it is inevitable that they will want to know about your brand’s latest products or services. Within Conversations, we enable your fans to browse through a product gallery – linking users to your mobile commerce experience to purchase or allowing fans to learn more about specific items to increase purchase intent.

 3) Customer service for real-time answers

If your customers need real-time answers to frequently asked questions or want to be connected to a customer support representative, Conversations provides the ability to offer these solutions all within Facebook Messenger. Customers no longer have to wait on hold for answers to their questions – Conversations makes it as easy as chatting with a friend.

 4) Interactive games and quizzes

Your brand can now design in-line trivia games, product or character quizzes, and more to keep your fans engaged with your brand’s content – allowing them to share questions and content within the Facebook Newsfeed to drive their friends and family to chat with your brand on Messenger as well.

 5) Reward brand passion

Every good social marketer knows that you have to reward brand loyalty. Within Messenger you can now fuel your fans’ passion by offering them exclusive discounts, offers, and rewards for completing tasks or after chatting with your brand for an extended period of time.

Mobile Messaging is the next evolution of social media – adding a personalized layer to all customer touch points. Join us in forging the path for the future of marketing, and contact us today to learn more about launching your brand on Conversations.