Holy-Moji! Announcing the Snaps Dashboard

Snaps+Brand+Emoji+Dashboard We’re thrilled to announce the release of the Snaps Dashboard for our platform customers. With this release, we’re putting control of content, analytics, insights and reporting in your hands.

With our content management system, you’ll get:

Real-time updates with a preview:

Get inside your apps to update emoji, sticker, GIF and link content in real-time. No update required for your users, just upload, publish and you’re good to go.

We’ve also included an awesome preview pane to help you see what your keyboard will look like before you publish.


Network-wide insights and white papers:

We have more event data than any keyboard company in the market, and we’ve leveraged our learnings to benefit all of our Snaps customers. Upcoming releases will include aggregate benchmarks and metrics to help you better understand and optimize campaigns.


Campaign reporting:

For our campaign customers, see daily reporting on the activities happening in your app, and across our partners.