The Messaging Survival Guides - How To Make A Bot & How To Build An Emoji Keyboard

Have you wondered how to make a bot or emoji keyboard? We've been working on the Snaps Conversational Marketing Cloud in beta for the past year. Over that time, we've witnessed close to 1B engagements on our platform.  Users launched Snaps apps 586 million times, shared stickers over 228 million times, engaged with our media network over 59 million times, and chatted with Snaps bots more than 5 million times. With in-depth analytics for both Chatbots and peer-to-peer applications, we've tracked metrics like most shared images, Chatbot engagement, conversions, optimal wordcount and more. For many of the bots on our platform, the way we build a bot includes designing multiple Chatbot flows to A/B test the best experience for consumers.

Examining the various messaging platform frameworks, Snaps' proprietary first party data and general best practices, we've published two guides covering everything on how to make a bot or how to make an emoji keyboard. The two guides cover planning, creating, and driving traffic the messaging experiences.

Snaps’ Chatbot Playbook and Stickers Playbook equip creative marketers with the essential knowledge required to deliver an impactful mobile messaging experience to their customers through proven strategy, insights, case studies, and proprietary data.

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  • The Messaging Survival Guide - Everything You Need To Know About Building, And Growing Your Chatbot
  • The Messaging Survival Guide - The Essential Guide To Creating And Activating Viral Content For Messaging

Here's some images from the Chatbot Guide:

How To Make A Bot

how to make a bot

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