How to Increase Sales Using Facebook Messenger Ecommerce Marketing


If you’re looking to increase sales, look no further than Facebook Messenger. The chat platform is revolutionizing the way brands market themselves to customers. Additionally, its increasing sales thanks to the personal and interactive experience it provides to customers by giving brands the ability to launch an ecommerce chatbot directly onto the platform. Facebook Messenger for businesses allows you to reach people at scale and then continue to interact with them individually with a chatbot for retail. This is perhaps the best ecommerce chatbot service available to retail brands, as Messenger is a widely used app that offers innovative ways to find customers, retain them, and engage with old ones.

Here are just a few ways your business can benefit from an ecommerce bot strategy.

A Chatbot Acts as a Retail Assistant to Help Customers Find Products

You can engage with customers by asking them questions with your shopping chatbot. For example, Kiehl’s asked their customers how the winter was treating their skin. When the customers answered, the ecommerce chatbot would ask them about their skin and offer them products that aligned with their needs.

A chatbot for retail can offer a targeted and tailored experience for your shoppers, without them having to step foot into the store. Essentially, they have a virtual retail assistant at their disposal to make recommendations, personalize the shopping experience, and help brands improve sales by cross-selling and upselling more effectively.

Recover Abandoned Shopping Carts With a Chatbot That Speaks Directly to Customers

Did you know 70% of online shoppers abandon their carts? That is a lot of missed opportunities.

Instead of using email to get your customers back to your site, you can use an ecommerce bot built for Facebook Messenger. With a shopping chatbot, you can re-engage consumers directly through the app and present them their abandoned cart, offer them a discount, or show them new products to get them back to your store and close the sale.

With less friction and higher open and click-through rates than email, an ecommerce chatbot will yield more sales than your typical abandon cart emails.

A Chatbot Makes Ecommerce Drip Campaigns More Personal

Just like with email marketing, you can also segment your customers through Facebook Messenger to create highly targeted lists.

Are a group of your customers more interested in jeans as opposed to jackets? Are a group of customers more inclined to purchase cat food or dog food? Do you want to target your android customers and your iPhone customers separately?

You can use a retail assistant chatbot for Messenger to segment lists and target all of these groups in more personal and specific ways. Engaging with your customers (both current and potential) directly and giving them marketing messages that truly resonate with what they’re looking for is the best way to create an optimized drip campaign that results in real revenue.

Build a Following By Branding Your Chatbot for Retail

To generate more sales for your brand, building a following for your ecommerce bot can grow your customer base and yield a higher conversion rate. Using “Broadcasts,” which are just simple messages to engage with your followers, you can build a strong fanbase.

Much of this success depends on the personality you build into your shopping chatbot: Tell them a brand-related joke; tell them you hope they’re having a great day; complain about the weather; ask them a question.

It may seem trivial, but in practice these exchanges with your ecommerce bot will pop up right on the home screen of customers’ phones as a Facebook message. This puts your company front and center with your customers before they’ve even clicked on anything.

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