Improve Member Retention With Fast and Efficient Insurance Chatbots


When you work in the insurance industry, much of what you do involves interacting with customers. Whether you’re assisting a new customer to select the ideal plan for their needs or helping an old customer understand their coverage, odds are good a large portion of your day is spent addressing client needs. Sometimes, these interactions are productive and beneficial to everyone involved. However, as in any industry, there are also instances when your time would be better spent focusing on more important tasks.

That’s why your company needs an insurance chatbot. Chatbots for insurance companies can handle basic customer support tasks, guide customers through essential processes (like changing a plan), and learn about a customer’s specific needs. You could even equip your automated insurance agent with technology that makes them more efficient and personal than any other customer service solution. By leveraging AI in your insurance bot, customer needs can be anticipated earlier and better.

Our team at Snaps is experienced in building and optimizing artificial intelligence insurance chatbots that lead to greater success for our clients. We’ll coordinate with you to design the right insurance bot for your agency. Keep reading to learn how and why both you and your clients will benefit from a virtual insurance agent.

What is the Role of AI in Insurance?

Chatbots for insurance companies can offer many advantages. One key benefit is enhanced customer support. In every industry, and especially insurance, responding to customers promptly is essential. They’ll flock to another agency if they feel you’re not consistently available.

Money Saved on Hiring

This means you have to maintain a customer support department. Hiring and training the necessary employees is costly. Additionally, it’s hard to monitor the quality of service customers are receiving. Employees can (understandably) get tired and irritated at the end of a long shift of handling client demands.

That’s not the case with an automated insurance agent. Chatbots for insurance can reliably handle numerous customer service tasks. This allows you to save money because instead of hiring a large staff, you can rely on an insurance bot that’s available 24/7 to address many of your customer support needs.

insurance chatbot - agent

A Branded Virtual Insurance Agent

With help from Snaps, you can even program your artificial intelligence insurance bot with a branded “identity.” Doing so ensures every interaction a client has with customer support is pleasant. If a customer has a request only a human can address, the insurance chatbot will simply direct them to the relevant department. For customers, this certainly beats waiting on hold and trying to navigate a phone menu.

Personalized Customer Service

With AI in insurance becoming an essential tool for success, your virtual insurance agent can also learn essential information about your clients from every interaction. This makes it easier to offer personalized service, which is crucial in this industry.

For example, perhaps a client is thinking about adjusting a policy, or switching to a new one altogether. An artificial intelligence insurance chatbot can use information from past “conversations” to help both you and your clients better understand what types of policies best suit their needs.

AI in insurance can even help customers manage and limit risk. Through this technology, chatbots for insurance companies can learn about a client’s lifestyle and habits, making appropriate recommendations. It’s essentially an automated insurance agent.

While a real, human agent will still address more complicated matters, a virtual insurance agent can offload a lot of tasks. This allows your employees to focus on more important work. As a result, you’ll serve your customers much more consistently and efficiently.

How Snaps Helps Create Chatbots for Insurance Companies

At Snaps, we’ve designed chatbots for major brands across a wide range of industries. Working with companies like Nike, Marriott, and Gatorade, we’ve built dynamic chatbots that match each client’s brand perfectly.

We streamline the process of building an insurance chatbot by allowing you to release it on several different platforms at once after it’s built. When the automated insurance agent is ready, you can launch it on Facebook Messenger, Slack, Twitter, SMS, Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa. That means you won’t require customers to download a new app to access your chatbot; they can simply connect with it through platforms they already use.

Snaps also offers real-time analytics features for every insurance bot. Depending on your goals, you may want to test different approaches with your virtual insurance agent. For example, perhaps you’ve designed a chatbot with the specific goal of selling policies. It may do so by guiding a customer through the process of researching their options and making a purchase.

You could A/B test two different versions of the artificial intelligence insurance chatbot, with each one taking a slightly different approach to the process. Our analytics features will help you measure which bot is more effective at making a sale.

Our team at Snaps understands that chatbots for insurance companies shouldn’t just be a unique customer support alternative you use to impress customers. A well-designed automated insurance agent should help you achieve a specific goal, whether it’s selling a policy, boosting customer satisfaction ratings, or improving your overall efficiency.

That’s why we work closely with you to learn exactly what your goals are. Then, we build an insurance chatbot both you and your customers will love.

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