Integrate Your Brand Onto Apple Business Chat and Watch Sales Soar


With Facebook supporting chatbots in Messenger, it is no surprise that Apple is following suit. The tech leader is doing things a little differently (as usual), though, and introducing a feature across their devices and platforms that enables users to directly communicate with brands and businesses. For consumers, the nature of customer service and communicating with businesses is transforming with this new tool. For businesses, the potential to expand brand reach, increase customer satisfaction, and boost overall sales is massive.

With the right Apple Business Chat developer to assist with integration, your business can begin taking advantage of every advantage this software offers.

What is Apple Business Chat?

Apple is currently in beta for Business Chat. In its current iteration, it is a way for organizations to connect with customers directly within Messages.

Apple Business Chat for iMessage will allow your customers to get the answers they’re looking for, learn about your product, resolve various issues and complete transactions on iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple Watch. People will be able to find your business and begin conversations from Safari and Siri, as well as Search and Maps. You can even develop Apple Pay and Calendar integrations for Apple Business Chat.

The Advantages of an Apple Business Chat Integration for Both Customer and Brand

It is an obvious move for Apple to want to get on board with the popular ecommerce tool of chatbots, and the opportunities a messaging software offers. According to a Facebook-commissioned study by Nielsen conducted last year, consumers would rather message a business than call customers service over the phone. In fact, 56% would prefer to text and 67% said they expect to message more businesses in the future.

With the Apple Business Chat API and iMessage integration, the company is allowing customers to schedule appointments, browse your products and buy them, as well as speak to customer service teams – all within their native texting service.

Other services require people to use their platforms and apps, whether it be Facebook Messenger, Slack or even just within the website. This takes users away from their home screen and into an app or onto the internet.

The real advantage for customers of the Apple Business Chat iMessage integration is that they will not have to open a third-party app to get in touch with your company. Instead, your business will sit right next to text messages from family and friends.

This is especially exciting if your target audience primarily uses iPhone and other iOS platforms. Your business now has a direct line of communication to your customer, making the experience feel more personal, more accessible and more convenient. The fewer barriers to communication with a company, the better – and Apple is tearing down all the walls.

Leveraging the Apple Business Chat API for Sales

In terms of yielding actual sales revenue, Apple Business Chat offers similar benefits to other chatbots. For example, chatbots are able to increase response time between salespeople and a perspective leads, allowing them to move people through the pipeline faster and more efficiently.

They also decrease conversion time: Chatbots are able to filter customers out using criteria you’ve created, so your team can focus on leads that have a higher conversion rate. Thanks to that criteria, salespeople are able to focus on hot leads and therefore increase overall sales entirely. This same concept applies to the Apple Business Chat API, which utilizes the benefits of messaging to improve the customer flow through the conversion funnel.

Imagine being able to move a customer from Apple Business to making a purchase, without every having to interrupt the flow of their daily conversation or routine. You can pretty much guarantee your customers text their friends and family; so it’s already intuitive for them to make that transition to chatting with their favorite brands on Apple Business Chat.  

With the Apple Business Chat iMessage integration and API, your business can chat with customers in the most natural way they know: through text message. Don’t be surprised if you even become a part of the family, sandwiched right in their text conversations between their mother and sister. Partnering with an experienced Apple Business Chat developer is the key to unlocking this familiarity with your customers and watching your sales exponentially increase.

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