Introducing Snaps Insights: 3 Ways To Win In Messaging

At Snaps, we are in pursuit of a big idea. We believe that messaging is the next massive platform where brands and consumers will meet, engage and transact. With over 250 billion messages sent every day, and endless evidence that messaging is eclipsing social networking as the core activity for consumers on mobile device, the jury is no longer out on if messaging will be the world’s media channel. The question now is what tools brands and marketers will need to engage audiences in this channel.

In support of our vision, today we’re announcing the launch of our consumer insights panel, which provides deep consumer insights for our platform customers. With insights, we are shedding light on dark social, helping marketers understand the demographic and behavioral habits of their audiences in messaging, all while maintaining the privacy of our end users.


We analyzed an anonymized sample of data on 1mm users in our network, representing over 50 million organic interactions. We learned a few things about content, industry and demographics, and are sharing it here.

Content is king in messaging, and we’ve bucketed content strategy into three big takeaways on content that consumers love:

1. SHOW LOVE: We looked at the content of our top performing female-focused campaigns, and found that hearts were included in the top five leaderboard for every single one of them:


2. BE FUNNY: GIFs that help consumers show off their sense of humor or cleverness were included in the top five shard pieces of content. This was particularly true for the television vertical.


3. SHOW PRIDE:  Logos and mascots were top-shared pieces of content with our sports campaigns. Logos were included in 25% of sports-related content shared.  In addition, for non-sports brands with strong brand value, we saw logos shared over 10% of the time.


In terms of verticals:

  • Our sports keyboards had the highest share rates with some sports teams seeing 70% of users sharing the download link with a friend.
  • Fashion is another winning vertical for brands.  Our best performing campaign to-date is in the fashion vertical, and has seen over 200k installs and over 2mm pieces of content shared.
  • Other popular verticals for content creators include television, beauty, and food and beverage, which round out our top five verticals.

In terms of demographics:

  • Overwhelmingly, our most engaged users are young, with the 18-24 demographic making up more than 60% of our network.  Across our network, 85% of users are 29 and under.
  • When cut by gender and engagement, over 71% of our most engaged users are female
  • iOS devices for-the-win. iOS made up 85% of our overall network
  • Behaviorally, most used applications on mobile devices are messaging apps (big surprise), photo sharing, social networking.
  • In terms of top messaging apps, native messaging apps (iMessage and Android) are by far the most frequently used, followed by Whatsapp, Kik, Snapchat and Facebook Messenger.
  • Men are from GIF, and women are from emoji: Our keyboards that had a majority of male users tended to share more GIFs
  • For our television clients, GIFs were also a huge piece of the share pie.