Introducing the New and Improved Snaps Knowledge Base

Knowledge base-Pink.png

As Snaps’ customer base, team, and platform capabilities continue to grow, it’s become increasingly clear that a comprehensive set of best practices is necessary to help new and power users take full advantage of our offerings. While we’ve had such documentation available in the past, it’s lacked the high level cohesion and ease of navigation that an enterprise SaaS product demands.

We’re very excited to introduce the “Knowledge Base,” a searchable and exhaustive resource for developers, marketers, customer care professionals, and anyone else looking to improve their workflow.


The Knowledge Base is comprised of distinct sections that map out the platform. Whether you’re a new user creating your first welcome message, an experienced user learning best practices for multi-language NLP training, or a developer wondering how to integrate Snaps within your existing data stack, the Knowledge Base has the answers.


Head directly to the Knowledge Base and start exploring or reach out to our team to get a demo to learn how Snaps can help provide always-on service that delights.