Keyboard 3.0: Better. Faster. Cleaner.

download We at Snaps are very excited to announce our keyboard 3.0—an epic improvement for marketing your brand in messaging.

Our new keyboard was shaped by data on how our users interact with and share content, based on analytics from our 100 million data points across a network of 70 global brands:

· We learned users prefer slowly scrolling to swiping to see emojis, so we updated the section’s size and layout to remove the need for multiple pages, and a Tone-Selector to add diversity to a single emoji type.

· We combined animated stickers with GIFs and launched Categories so users can find content faster.

· We added Search to let users find images based on keywords—which are managed in real-time on our Client Dashboard.

· We improved the look of Videos and added new functionally to improve the preview in keyboard, and make sharing with friends even easier.

· We updated the QWERTY keyboard with advanced predictive text and spellcheck, making ours a better replacement for the standard iOS keyboard.

· And it’s all packaged together in a new, beautiful, and easy-to-use app design.

Our Keyboard 3.0 release is not just our best product to date, but also the best branded keyboard in the market. We hope you love it.