Messaging And TV: A Symbiotic Relationship

Here at Snaps, we are constantly evolving ways in which brands can engage their fans. One of our more recent enhancements to our keyboard was video content, and our very first keyboard to feature video —The Haves and Have Nots— was a major success across the board. But we’re not just talking video, we’re talking the whole thing. download

This OWN show, a Tyler Perry hit, was enormously proactive at promoting the keyboard across marketing channels—an article on, a video on Oprah’s blog featuring a cast member of the show, and even on-air promotion during the show.

These efforts drove a spike in usage around tune-in every Tuesday night--typically by a factor of 5x compared to the day or two prior, though some weeks saw post-show usage spike by as high as 14x. Following this, we saw a spike in downloads on Wednesdays by up-to factor a of 15x compared to the day or two prior, with the app trending in the iTunes store week to week--most weeks in the top 10.


They closed the loop by promoting the show in the keyboard: uploading teaser content every week that featured exclusive video clips from the upcoming episodes and sending notifications out to fans once it was live. The keyboard launched June 30th, the day of the mid-season premiere--and tune-in numbers (along with usage numbers) were huge. The mid-season return, which aired on Tuesday, June 30th, drew 3.3 million viewers--up from the season premiere of 3.22 million. The result was an all-time premiere high for the show and the OWN network.

Week to week, The Have and Have Nots enjoyed a PRE-SHOW—LIVE—POST-SHOW success loop with its keyboard. On top of that, the customer reviews for the app are killer—4.5/5 stars. What’s their secret? In short, a thoughtful marketing strategy to drives awareness for the keyboard, and strong, fresh content to drive usage and affinity. Oh, and it never hurts to have Oprah and Tyler Perry in your corner.

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