Michelob Ultra Launches Weekly Workout Chatbot With Snaps

Every year, nearly 25M people participate in at-home workouts. This number has been steadily increasing since 2006, despite the fact that health clubs and specialty fitness boutiques are on the rise and their revenue is growing. With this knowledge in hand, Michelob ULTRA is ready to help. Enterprise Chatbot Platform

Laundry Service and Michelob ULTRA utilized the Snaps enterprise chatbot platform to build a Facebook Messenger Bot extends Michelob Ultra’s existing Alexa in-home workout program.

On Facebook, Michelob will offer a call to action to make sure users can maintain their balanced lifestyle – during a season where everyone is especially pressed for time to get to the gym – by subscribing to weekly influencer-led sessions, delivered each week via the Messenger app.

In addition to providing an easy-to-do workout each week that lives right in the users pocket, Michelob Ultra will reward users with a digital discount on Michelob ULTRA so they can enjoy themselves after the work is done.

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