The New Omnichannel: How Messaging Is Rewiring Commerce for Brands

The New Omnichannel

There’s a dramatic shift in how consumers engage with brands. They now expect the same always-on, immediate and low-friction interaction with brands that they experience with their friends.

The ways in which brands can meet this challenge was the focus of our recent webinar with AdAge, “The New Omnichannel: How Messaging Is Rewiring Commerce for Brands.” The live webinar featured brief presentations from Snaps, Facebook Messenger, events promoter/venue operator Live Nation Entertainment and regional grocery chain H-E-B as we discussed how to embrace the modern consumers messaging preferences.

Didn’t get a chance to attend? Here are the key takeaways from the webinar:

The Importance of the Messaging Channel

Messaging of one kind or another has become a major communications channel, especially with the rise of mobile devices – and, for today’s modern consumer, it is the main channel.

According to Twilio, 9 out of 10 consumers want to message their questions and comments to brands.

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Messaging offers a continuous conversation that is immediate and always available. Snaps, for instance, has found that 28% of consumers return to make another purchase on a conversational thread where they previously bought something.

Handling the Challenge

The big question—How can teams best handle this always-on requirement, at scale?

Handling the Challenge

Conversational AI provides the immediate response, access to customer data, one-to-one interaction, ongoing conversational threads and multi-channel consistency that brands need.

Already, smart digital assistants are engaging with more than half of active users outside normal business hours, helping brands to meet the challenge.

The Importance of Facebook Messenger

While there are many ways that consumers can message brands, the king of the hill is Facebook Messenger. As Facebook Messenger’s Product Marketing Manager at Auri Korva states, 20 billion Facebook messages are sent between consumers and businesses each month.

The Importance of Facebook Messenger

Auri pointed out that a channel like Facebook Messenger offers several unique marketing advantages. For instance, it provides higher open rates for communications than email – up to 10 times as much – and can easily retarget a single user at a later time.

Use cases include guided sales, offers/coupons, form fills, lead gen, remarketing, order confirmation, receipts, shipment tracking, in-stock notifications, account info access, customer service issue resolution, FAQs and many more.

Messaging Turns Mobile into an Always-On, Two-Way Pipe

Craig Wien, Director of Marketing Operations at LiveNation, noted that messaging turns a static pre-sale site experience into an interactive two-way experience to reach customers wherever they are – even when they are at your events.

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He added that Conversational AI can remember what artists a given consumer follows and then recommend performances that are similar in style. It can also offer such personalized, on-the-spot notices such as letting on-the-move fans know that the tickets they want go on sale in 30 minutes.

Messaging Turns Mobile into an Always-On, Two-Way Pipe

Another use case of personalization: weekly deal promotions to grocery shoppers.

H-E-B’s Director of Digital Marketing Giovanna Dimperio explained that the Snaps AI-power experience helped regional grocery chain reinvent discount coupons by delivering them on a personalized basis to more than 13 million customers every week.

AdAge Webcast H-E-B

The AI-powered assistant sent out notifications, allowing customers to browse deals via buttons or free text – a particularly valuable form of marketing when they’re in the store. The open rate on weekly digital circular push notifications was 77%, and 70% of deals were saved by users.

The Old Days Are Over

As the webinar made clear, the days when brands could set their hours and channels for customer interaction are over. Consumers set the times and ways for asking questions, making purchases or filing complaints.

As early-adopters of conversational AI in this webinar testified, any brands that ignore the new 360-degree sweep of times and channels will find that consumers will simply take their conversations elsewhere.


Interested in learning more? For those that would like to watch the full webinar, you can find the recording here.

Additionally, to learn more about how to empower your brand’s omnichannel presence through Snaps, contact us today.


Snaps is changing the way brands build relationships with consumers through conversation. Global brands like Nike Jordan, Marriott Rewards, Live Nation, VICE and more leverage the Snaps Conversational Marketing Platform to acquire new customers, increase lifetime value and improve customer experience with messaging technology. Snaps is an Inc. 100 business, one of the few companies listed in Facebook Messenger’s Partner Directory, a designated Leader’ by Opus Research and frequently covered by Forrester research on conversational marketing.

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