Growing with the Market: Our Evolution into Conversational AI

Growing With The Market: Our Evolution Into Conversational AI

Over the past three years, Snaps has evolved from a company focused on emoji and sticker pack content distribution, into a market leader that’s transforming the way brands speak to their customers through conversational AI. Our transformation to building, training and deploying bots, while supporting multiple product lines, presented many challenges for the information architecture of our product.

Today, we have tightened our focus on our conversational AI products and are introducing our updated IA and UI. This overhaul of our core web application’s information architecture provides a better experience for our users. The new Snaps platform now consists of several sections that live on the left hand side of the app:

updated left channel-1200.png

Analytics: Analyze key metrics and track your bot’s progress over time.

Authoring: Create and publish bots using tools that shape the primary conversational experience.

NLP: Optimize and train your AI to handle user inquiries with increased efficiency and accuracy.

Content Library: Store and manage all of the assets used in your bot.

Plugins: Easily integrate with our partners or add out-of-the-box functionality to your bot.

Applications: Seamlessly integrate secondary applications with your customer care software and data platforms.

Channels: Configure and deploy your conversational AI to operate on multiple messaging channels.

Settings: Invite users, assign roles, and manage your organization’s AI experience.

UI Overhaul

To coincide the introduction of Snaps’ new IA, we’ve updated the look and feel of our platform to create a more enjoyable user experience.

To learn more about any of the features discussed above, read the Knowledge Base or reach out to schedule a demo to learn how Snaps can help your brand bring always-on conversational AI to life.