The 3 Pillars of Conversational Marketing: Awareness, Consideration, and Engagement

The 3 Areas of Conversational Experiences: Awareness, Consideration, and Engagement

If you are amongst today’s most innovative brand marketers, the chances are that you’re exploring how conversational AI can integrate within your marketing campaign. This buzzword is popping up everywhere and only gaining momentum as consumer behavior is noticeably changing. Your customers are craving convenient, relevant and always-on ways to connect with your brand. There’s just one stipulation – they want it on their terms.

The intersection of technology and AI is giving marketers new opportunities that can both foster new and deepen existing relationships with consumers. Automated chat use cases are a no-brainer for enhancing customer service, but can also be impactful for top of the funnel marketing strategies. By leveraging these advancements, a brand can introduce new, smart strategies and tools that create engaging, relevant and convenient experiences.

Snaps works closely with our brand marketing partners to build conversational experiences that drive brand awareness and deepen consumer engagement. We work hand-in-hand to design experiences that provide:

  • a media channel that can be just as, if not more, effective than traditional social media ads to grow an engaged audience,

  • an always-on channel to build direct, one-to-one relationships with customers,

  • a simple, but an engaging experience that can qualify leads and increase brand and purchase consideration,

  • and an all-in-one way to drive engagement.

3 Areas of Conversational Experiences to Consider

For marketers, there are three areas of conversational experiences to consider that we address in greater detail below:

1. Acquiring Users and Experience Entry Points

Marketers need to develop a strategic plan to define how the brand will acquire users through paid, owned and earned channels as described:

  • Paid media targets consumers across digital to promote them to enter the conversation through specific ad formats such as Facebook’s Click to Messenger ads

  • Owned media allows brands to convert passive visitors to active prospects through owned channels such as email, on-site, or site-plug-ins that have specific CTAs to drive users down more conversational paths.

  • Earned media grows brand awareness amongst existing customers through PR and other editorial efforts.

2. In-Conversation Experience

The fun begins once you have acquired new users! The advantage of conversational AI is that it gives consumers the opportunity to engage in a two-way dialogue. A potential shopper, for example, can ask about a product and a virtual salesperson can respond in real time. Or, a user can learn more about how your loyalty program will benefit her and be guided through the sign-up process.

It’s essential that the AI-powered experience your brand creates meets unique user needs or you run the risk that they may quickly become disengaged. Examples of conversational flows that promote awareness, consideration, and engagement are:

  • Conversational Storytelling: Provide prospective customers with interactive, rich content to learn more about the brand or product.

  • Lead Qualification: Guide users through an engaging quiz to qualify intent.

  • Content Subscriptions: Allow users to sign-up for specific brand content that they are already interested in, setting preferences for communications timing and frequency to optimize engagement.

  • Personalized Guides: Online quizzes and guides are incredibly attractive tools to customize the customer experience. The perfect purchase can be pinpointed in an efficient, seamless manner, while companies gather more data to continue to better personalize future interactions.

Read about how Snaps creates user-need driven experiences here.

3. Timely Follow-Ups and Relevant Re-Engagements

Once the in-conversation flow is determined, it’s essential to continue to re-engage your users. The key is to make these messages relevant, timely and personalized to maintain the quality of the interaction. Leverage the data you’ve already captured regarding your users’ preferences to develop effective messaging.

Some tactics we like to incorporate into re-engagement experiences are:

  • Happy Path Drop-Off: Message a user to nudge them to complete key parts of the experience.

  • Content Subscriptions: Send brand content such as blogs, promotions and events to users based on topics they have expressed interest.

  • NPS or Bot Experience Survey: Ask users to rate the experience or provide feedback for continuous improvement.

For Brand Marketers looking to grow and engage audiences on Messaging platforms, you must think through your acquisition, engagement and retention strategies, like any other channel.


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