Why You Should Replace Your App With a Chatbot


While apps have proven to be effective tools thus far, they may not be the ideal solution for much longer. Artificial intelligence technology is rapidly developing. That means it’s going to become much easier to create realistic AI chatbots in the near future. With chatbot technology, you can offer customers a more dynamic and personal experience than they would get from an app. The following are just some of the reasons to consider replacing your brand’s app and building your own chatbot.

Personal Touch

Communicating with a sophisticated AI chatbot that convincingly mimics human behavior is much more personal than interfacing with a computer program. A messenger bot gives you the opportunity to create a branded experience that evokes the human values of your organization. Even if users know they’re not talking to a real person, they may still feel like they are. This makes them more likely to develop an emotional connection with your brand.

Ease of Use

Although every app is different, most require users to click icons/links/buttons to access different features. While a good UX designer will ensure your app is as intuitive as possible, interacting via a chatbot platform is much easier than trying to find out what you need to click on to perform a function.

AI chatbot - chatbot example

Chatbot tools let users ask them questions directly. Depending on the technology, users might not even have to type in their queries; they can simply talk to the AI chatbot via their device’s microphone. Asking a messenger bot to open a particular feature or perform a specific function is much simpler than using virtually any app.

Ease of Access

With an app, you have to convince customers to download your product. They may be reluctant if it costs money or takes up too much space on their device. In fact, they may simply be too distracted by other marketing content to even remember to download your app.

That doesn’t  happen with an AI chatbot. Instead, consider making your chatbot platform accessible via existing messenger services, like Facebook. Odds are good your customers already make use of these services. If they can use them to access your chatbot, you won’t have to try and convince anyone to download anything.

AI tech is developing rapidly. Smart organizations are already looking into how they can leverage it to their benefit. Drafting a plan to replace your app with an AI chatbot is a good place to start.

ChatbotJonathan Shriftman