Snaps 2016 by the Numbers: A Year in Review

There’s no doubt about it – mobile messaging had its grand revelation in 2016.   Facebook Messenger grew to over 1 Billion MAU and Apple reported that every second, over 200,000 iMessages are sent. That can be attributed to the fact that these platforms have become more fun... & useful for consumers.  

  • Apple launched the iMessage App Store with the release of the release of iOS 10. The iMessage store opened up an economy of applications within one of the largest mobile messaging applications on the planet.
  • Facebook Messenger opened up its Chatbot platform. So did Kik and Viber.

Snaps has been there on the front lines building solutions for our brand partners in the mobile messaging ecosystem. We have a proprietary Content Management System (also known as our dashboard) that is the base system brands use to manage their Chatbots, iMessage apps, and more. It’s the heart & brain of many top brands Messaging presence.

Our technology powers the Chatbots, iMessage applications, sticker packs, custom emoji keyboards, and media buying for brands like Nike, Coke, McDonald’s, Coach, Viacom, Bud Light, and 100 others.

The dashboard  provides deep analytics as well. Right on trend with macro stats, we witnessed the exponential growth firsthand in engagement across various messaging platforms. We thought we’d share some internal metrics we’re proud of from 2016.

  1. We launched exactly 200 “Apps” or products this year! Between iOS, Android, and messaging platforms, we shipped 170 Custom Emoji Keyboards, 21 iMessage Applications, & 9 Chatbots.
  2. Users launched our iMessage Sticker packs 108 Million times, and branded Keyboards 478 Million times. We saw 17 Million iMessage stickers shared, and 97 Million emojis shared.
  3. We powered 1.2 Million Chatbot engagements, averaging 133k engagements per Chatbot.
  4. In addition to our native applications and Chatbots, Snaps has a proprietary sticker API and partner network (including platforms like Kik, Tango, Viber, Giphy, Hyperkey, Touchpal, Gfycat, and more). We saw 59 Million engagements between impressions and media interactions.
  5. Finally, across all platforms and sharable content, we powered almost a Billion total engagements (874 Million). Users launched our apps 586 Million times, shared stickers over 228 Million times, engaged with our media network over 59 Million times, and chatted with our bots more than 1 Million times.


Just having some fun here (fun to extrapolate)…

  • There were average 1662.86 engagements happening each minute.
  • There were 27.71 engagements happening each second.

2016 was a great year for Snaps and our clients! We're excited to share some more actionable insights for marketers here in 2017.