Snaps Powers VICES's VICELAND Chatbot


Today, VICE launches VICELAND chatbot, a personalized, interactive Facebook chatbot for the Messenger experience. Talk about Messenger Marketing...  It's a VICELAND viewers personal TV Guide.


The chatbot platform is built to help VICELAND viewers easily access a complete show schedule, find out which channel VICELAND is on in their local market and set show reminders. The conversation bot is personalized to each viewer. Upon entrance into the chatbot online, VICELAND viewers will be greeted by VICELAND host, Action Bronson, then viewers choose-their-own-adventure. When a viewer hits “Shows I Watch”, a menu appears where viewers can pick their favorite shows like  “Bong Appétit”, & “Huang’s World” or “Desus & Mero.” The chat robot saves those shows then intelligently reminds the viewer when the show is airing.

Chatbot users can check their schedule anytime just by chatting with the bot, too.

Also, the chatbot has all the Gifs ;)

Without ever leaving Messenger, the chatbot also gives users easy access to download the VICELAND app, watch on-demand VICELAND videos on Youtube, download episodes on iTunes, or watch episodes on The chatbot is powered by us at Snaps, the leading conversational AI platform that powers the chatbots, voice skills and social messaging for the Fortune 500 with our AI for enterprise solutions.

"We're always looking for new and unique ways to connect with our audience, whether it's on the channel, our socials, on our bus, or now, via a chatbot. This is an opportunity to both help our fans find out when new episodes are airing, but also to use our channel's voice in a new and (hopefully) interesting way. said Tyler McCauley, Director of Digital Marketing, VICELAND.

“We love that VICELAND is making it easy for people to stay informed about their favorite shows right from their favorite messaging app. Messenger now has 1.3 B users. This simple but personalized use case is the perfect way to keep the VICELAND audience engaged. Messenger marketing is the perfect tool for Vice”, says Christian Brucculeri, CEO of Snaps.

Chat with the VICELAND chatbot here.