Four Takeaways From Facebook Global Partner Summit (GPS) 2018


Attending the Facebook Global Partner Summit (GPS) this year was a great opportunity for the broader Facebook partner community to come together, exchange ideas and learnings, and get an inside peek at the FB platform roadmap into 2019. For the Messenger portion of GPS, it was also incredibly rewarding to have Snaps partners Marriott, Clairol, Live Nation and many others featured during various moments in the Global Partner Summit as best-in-class experiences that are focused on driving real business impact for these brands. The week ended with AdWeek featuring our partner Jordan’s work on the platform - all around it was rewarding to see our brand partners get the recognition that they very much deserve.


4 Key Takeaways From Facebook GPS 2018

As it relates to the summit, here are a few takeaways from GPS 2018:


1.  Messenger is just getting started for advertisers and marketers

8 Billion messages are sent between consumers and businesses every month on Facebook Messenger, and globally the platform has 1.3 billion monthly active users. While customer experience use cases are a common use case, brands are effectively using Messenger to acquire and convert new customers into their ecosystem, leveraging key tools that help advertisers and marketers gain exposure to the entire Facebook ecosystem

Click-to-Messenger (CTM) ads are driving stronger conversions than traditional social ad units. A number of advertisers are successfully using CTM ads and automated chats to bypass complicated or inefficient eComm sites. In some markets, brands are seeing 5-6x improvements in conversion rates as a result.

Smart re-engagements allow brands to continue the conversation after the first session. In addition to efficiently acquiring consumers into a purchase funnel, marketers are using smart re-engagements to bring users back into an incomplete or lapsed conversation. Some brands on our platform like Nike Jordan are seeing 87% open rates on re-engagement messages, a 4-5x improvement on their traditional 15% -20% open rates on email.


2.  Best-in-class conversational experiences cover care, commerce and marketing

One of the larger ongoing strategic questions for global brands is what internal team should own messaging and automated conversation. The use cases for messaging cover customer acquisition, ongoing communication, commerce and customer experience, it’s not immediately clear who the best team to own these experiences is.

At Snaps, we’re starting to see collaboration, shared ownership and budgeting from teams in marketing, commerce, social, mobile and customer experience. The most successful brands are able to break down organizational silos to create shared ownership because the best user experiences offer end-to-end solutions, from shopping to communication to FAQ and business process automation. This shared ownership was a consistent theme at GPS.


3.  WhatsApp, while early, is a massive opportunity for global businesses

Beginning with endpoints for notification services and customer service use cases, WhatsApp is officially open for businesses and is starting to grow its customer base on the platform. There are over 1.5bn monthly active users on WhatsApp. In Asia, EMEA and LATAM, WhatsApp is easily the most popular mobile app on most consumers’ devices.

While it’s very early in its evolution, it’s already evident that WhatsApp is going to be a massive communication channel for businesses and consumers to connect, transact and engage. I’m looking forward to seeing how use cases evolve, and we’ll be working with a number of our partners on their WhatsApp strategies in 2019.

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4.  Across the board, brands seeing success are focusing on measurable KPIs

I was fortunate to participate in a panel on businesses in Messenger and WhatsApp at GPS. Our panel was moderated by Ted Helwick, Director of Product Management for Facebook and included myself and number of executives from the partner community, as well as executives from the WhatsApp and Messenger teams. As a group, we talked through a number of use cases and verticals that are driving great outcomes for brands.

As a business, we have been deploying experiences in Messenger since the day the platform launched - our bot for Trolli was one of the first on the platform. When we started, no one really knew what to do or how to measure what they were doing. The early days for the Messenger platform were very much an experimental phase. What struck me on this panel was how tight everyone was on articulating goals and KPIs. Messaging has matured from being a creative canvas to being a real platform for business outcomes, and I was really pleased to see other brands and partners talk about their experiences with performance in mind, because driving, measuring and reporting business impact is how the ecosystem will continue to grow in the years ahead.


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