The Week in Messaging: Ad Council Partners With Snaps To Combat Cyberbullying

The Latest From Snaps Ad Council Partners With Snaps To Combat Cyberbullying

A 2013 study conducted by the Centers for Disease Control found that nearly 15% of U.S. students had been bullied electronically in the past year. Adobe, Facebook, Snapchat, Tumblr, Twitter, Whisper, Kik, Snaps and Google join the Ad Council to help kids to combat the problem across the social and messaging landscape.

Superheroes, FWA and Snaps Raise Money For Doctors Without Borders

At this moment, nearly 60 million people are escaping conflict and repression around the world. The Refugee Emojis campaign takes magic power of emojis and uses it to involve a millennial audience in helping these refugees.

Must-Reads in Messaging Facebook Unveils Emoticons On Brand Pages

Facebook unveiled six emoticons in addition to the existing "Like" button. These new emojis will give brands an additional source of personalized data in order to conduct sentiment analysis.

Apple Releases New Emojis In iOS 9.1

In Apple’s latest release of iOS there are a lot of new emojis to use across your favorite messaging and social apps. Here’s a guide to the new additions to the Apple emoji keyboard.

Messaging Stat of the Week $18.5 Billion Will Be Lost To Ad Fraud In 2015.