The Week in Messaging: Unilever and Snaps Launch Global Emojis

The Latest From Snaps Unilever And Snaps Launch Global Emojis  

Snaps collaborated with Unilever to bring Wall's Ice Cream emojis to both hemispheres this fall. Wall's is the first Unilever brand to launch a keyboard to feature emojis, stickers and GIFs to drive engagement with young adults, who are extremely active across messaging.

When Schools Battle It Out, Messaging Wins

Fall means football. And everywhere we look, fans are spreading love for their teams. No longer just expressed with t-shirts and bumper stickers, fandom has officially gone mobile. Specifically, in messaging apps, where we’ve seen over 130 thousand devoted football fans sharing branded content in support of their university teams.

Must-Reads in Messaging

Snapchat On Pace To Overtake Facebook Video Views

Facebook and Snapchat are neck-and-neck in a race for the most daily video views, according to recent numbers from the two companies. Snapchat's video business is growing at least twice as fast as Facebook's number of video views.

Emoji Usage Grows Beyond Millennials

In a recent study it was shown that emoji usage is increasing across the board, with 92% of the online population using emojis.

Now You Can Message For Food Delivery

A new food delivery service, Dashio, asks users to simply text a mobile number the word ‘Hello’ and their order. Users can request literally anything within the culinary world, be it a hamburger or a bottle of wine.

Messaging Stat of the Week

In APAC, 61% are using messaging every day, while 82% are using it on a weekly basis.