This week, Snaps launches new Chatbot & iMessage Experiences with Dunkin' Donuts, Jack in the Box & Hallmark: Kitten Bowl

It's been a busy 2017 for us at Snaps! Lots happening behind the scenes but this week we're proud to announce that our platform powered three exciting, and different activations in mobile messaging for our brand clients. Jack in the Box "Jack Investigation Bureau" Chatbot

QSR chain Jack in the Box launched the "Jack Investigation Bureau" Chatbot experience on Facebook Messenger and Kik. TL/DR - Jack has been hacked! The Chatbot takes foodies on an adventure to help Jack beef up his cyber security and hide his missing recipes The Chatbot showcases Jack in The Box related riddles using emojis and GIFs (i.e.  = fast food) to help Jack capture his hackers. Once a user successfully solves the clues, their victory is prompted with a coupon badge to get $1 off the fan-favorite Buttery Jack. The Chatbot gives Jack in the Box fans a chance to interact and engage with the brand in a unique way. This is the second Chatbot JIB and Snaps have worked on together. 

Jack in the Box Chatbot Snaps Media

Dunkin' Donuts Card Builder

Following in the massive success of their iMessage sticker pack, Dunkin' Donuts has released the iMessage Card Builder. Dunkin aficionados can customize and send a Dunkin' greeting card on their favorite holidays, or just because. Senders will surely be the star of any group chat!

Dunkin Donuts iMessage Sticker Pack

Hallmark Kitten Bowl IV Emoji Keyboard & iMessage Stickers

Working together again, Snaps partners with the Kitten Bowl and Hallmark to launch some fantastic, feline emojis! Kitten Bowl IV premieres Su-PURR Bowl Sunday, February 5th on the Hallmark Channel.  #KittenBowl has been a top trending hashtag (#1) on social media during Super BowlSunday since its premiere. KittenBowl IV is presented in partnership with North Shore Animal League America and Last Hope Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation with NSAL, hosting adoption parties with partner shelters across the US. Last year 50 shelters participated and this year, 100 shelters will be participating. The three previous KittenBowl’s resulted in the adoption of more than 1800kittens/cats through national Kitten Bowl adoption events.

Kitten Bowl iMessage Stickers