Two Chatbots We Love In The Kik Bot Shop

In this Snaps update, we wanted to highlight one of our closest chat partners, Kik. Two weeks ago they launched their brand new Bot Shop. We've taken a seriously deep dive into it, and love it. The Kik Bot Shop already features bots from a list of great brands including Funny Or Die (funnyordie), Riffsy (gif), Sephora (sephora), Vine (vine), and The Weather Channel (weather).

Kik's blog states, "We decided to open the Bot Shop after noticing several big trends. People are spending loads of time in chat apps like Kik. Last year, 1.4 billion people used a chat app, according to eMarketer, and they spend a lot of time in those apps. Our research has shown that people spend 35 minutes per session in Kik."

In addition to conversational commerce experiences (read: shopping) and customer support, brands can build rich media experiences and smart utilities, too. Here are two of the latest from the Kik Bot Shop.

Wirkn: Think of the Wirkn bot as a personal career coach that’ll help the youth find a job based on their availability, personality, interests, and location. The bot presents the user with a personality quiz, followed by a job search that’ll surface specific jobs based on quiz results. The Wirkn Jobs bot engages with users in a friendly conversational manner to help them find the brands they want to work with, on a platform where they already spend a significant amount of time.”



J-14: J-14 is the leading teen magazine. Unlike traditional print, or even social media, reading a magazine through the J-14 bot is interactive and engaging! The user reads in micro-digestable news stories, but also can also take polls and answer trivia questions.

We've been working with Kik for months on Bots. We first launched Burger King's bot months ago. We’ve seen 3.5M conversations, 925,000 social shares,  and intent to purchase increase by 39%.
BK_kik image
We're building some more robust experiences now with publishers, CPG brands, and global shopping brands. Reach out to us if you're interested in learning more about Kik or building some incredible first-to-market chatbot experiences for your brand.