Reach Your Customers On Their Preferred Platform With a Chatbot for WhatsApp


No matter what industry you work in, giving customers the opportunity to easily contact you is essential. Your customers want to know you’ll be responsive to their needs. If this communication channel also gives you the chance to reach out to customers directly, even better. That’s why it’s smart to develop a chatbot for WhatsApp. This popular messaging app already has approximately 1.5 billion users. Rather than developing a separate app and asking your customers to download it if they want a convenient way to get in touch, cast a wide net by letting them communicate through a WhatsApp chatbot platform.

There’s just no way to know that customers will download your app. You can be sure, however, that a good number of them will already be active on WhatsApp.

Snaps will help. Our WhatsApp chatbot developers will work with you to design a bot that perfectly meets your needs. Whether you want it to address basic customer service issues or be involved with advertising on WhatsApp, we’ll create a bot that delivers results.

The Benefits of WhatsApp Chatbot Integration

WhatsApp recently released a feature that allows companies to create official business accounts. Prior to this, businesses were establishing unofficial accounts on the platform to perform customer service functions and for advertising on WhatsApp.

Customer Service

This new feature offers many benefits to organizations. A WhatsApp chatbot platform designed to handle customer service tasks can boost brand loyalty in several ways. First, WhatsApp chatbot integration will make it so customers never have to wait on hold again when contacting your customer service department.

Ease of Use

They’ll also be glad you gave them the opportunity to reach out without forcing them to download a completely separate app or visit an official website. Users can interact with your chatbot for WhatsApp much in the same way they chat with a friend. If they have a request or concern the bot isn’t able to address, it will simply direct them to the appropriate representative.

Save Money

Using a WhatsApp chatbot platform in this capacity also helps your business save money. After all, maintaining a reliable customer service department is important for most companies. You won’t cultivate positive relationships with customers if you don’t respond effectively to their needs.

That used to mean hiring and training numerous customer service representatives. This obviously costs businesses a lot of money. By addressing major customer service tasks, WhatsApp chatbot integration will reduce the need for a large staff. On top of that, chatbots are available 24/7, so you don’t have to worry about making sure a certain number customer service representatives are always manning the phones.

Establish a Stronger Identity

You could even coordinate with a WhatsApp chatbot developer to program your bot with a branded “personality.” This offers a degree of confidence that’s difficult to attain with human employees. While customer service representatives are encouraged to treat callers in a friendly manner, they may be too tired and irritable to do so by the end of a shift,.

A chatbot for WhatsApp with a branded personality will always make the right impression on a customer. This is yet another way to boost brand loyalty.

Additionally, a branded bot can assist with your advertising on WhatsApp. When you have a strong and cohesive brand identity across platforms, this benefits both engagement and sales potential.

Keep in Touch With Customers

Customers who sign up to stay in touch via WhatsApp can also choose to receive notifications from your bot. This provides many opportunities for advertising on WhatsApp.

For instance, you may be looking for an effective way to promote a new service or discount. Through your WhatsApp chatbot platform, you can easily alert customers who’ve chosen to receive notifications from your brand.

Once more, this demonstrates how a chatbot helps you conserve money and resources. With WhatsApp chatbot integration, you can automate many marketing processes. Thus, your marketing team will have the opportunity to focus on more important tasks.

How Snaps’ WhatsApp Chatbot Developers Help

At Snaps, we’re committed to building chatbots that serve a range of purposes. This technology isn’t a novelty; it’s a strong tool that can reflect your brand while also making life easier for your customers. In an age where more and more potential clients use messaging apps in their daily lives, a chatbot can play a crucial role in your success.  

Our WhatsApp chatbot developers at Snaps thoroughly understand the capabilities of this technology for the platform. We leverage them to ensure the products we develop are sophisticated, consistent, and designed to impress customers. This dedication to quality is one of the reason we’ve attracted major clients like Gatorade, Nike, and Marriott, to name just a few.

Instead of treating your chatbot for Whatsapp project like another cookie-cutter tool, we’re versatile enough to make sure your bot reflects your unique brand and serves a specific purpose. We also develop chatbots that can immediately be launched on a wide range of other platforms your customers may already use, including Facebook Messenger, Twitter, and Slack. This lets you cast an even wider net, reaching customers who may not use WhatsApp.


Do you want to make sure your customers always have a way to reach your brand efficiently and conveniently? If so, our team of WhatsApp chatbot developers can help. Get started by scheduling a demo today!


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