Why Chatbots are a Great Tool for Surveys, NPS, and Customer Service


“Yes, I would love to take your survey!” said no one ever. Gathering feedback from a large group is always difficult, especially when most audiences aren’t usually keen on taking time out of their day to share their experiences, unless those experience have either been incredible or terrible. Anytime an experience falls somewhere in the middle, it rarely gets an enthusiastic attempt at being shared. Whether they are dispersed through email, over the phone or online, surveys can feel impersonal and not of particular value to the customer or responder. It is also difficult to get all the valuable information you desire from surveys or an automated set of questions over the phone.

The question becomes: How can you solve this? With a survey chatbot of course!

Customers Prefer a Survey Chatbot for Conversational Forms

By using a chatbot for surveys, you are able to create a virtual interviewer and make conversational surveys that offer a better experience for the user. Respondents are able to answer questions by using their favorite platforms, such as Facebook messenger. By deploying a Facebook messenger survey bot, brands ensure that users never have to leave the application to provide valuable feedback.

Research conducted at Michigan State University, in collaboration with YouGov, tested a set of consumer electronics surveys administered on Facebook Messenger vs YouGov’s traditional online email-based pane. They found that 76% of people completed the survey via Facebook Messenger, and those who did rated the overall survey significantly higher than the web-based one.

Furthermore, according to QuickTapSurvey, 40% of customers prefer self-service to interacting with a human and 64% of customers would rather text than call a business. These results support the idea that people are more inclined to give you the feedback you’re looking for via a surveybot, as opposed to other survey methods.

How a Chatbot Survey Benefits Your NPS

In dealing with surveys, many companies are looking to gather information on their NPS, or Net Promoter Score. This is the industry standard in assessing your customer’s experience and is therefore very important to pay attention to.

Survey chatbots have a variety of use cases that can help with your customer’s experience and keep your NPS score on the rise. As we discussed above, creating a survey with a user-friendly platform such as Facebook Messenger is one way to acquire the information you need to examine your customer experience and make it more positive.

In maintaining a high NPS score, a great customer service experience must be established. For this,  chatbots for surveys are ideal.

For example, you can create surveybots for FAQs and customer troubleshooting. These will offer conversational forms of online interaction the user prefers and will provide customers with the quick answers they need. They are also a great way of freeing up your customer service team for cases that are more complex and need further attention.

Conversational Surveys are the Future

Customers want to feel like they can be in communication with your business in an instant. Since this isn’t always feasible, a chatbot survey offer the attention customers desire, without the 24-hour manpower.


By utilizing feedback chatbots and facebook messenger survey bots as tools for getting information from customers, you can transform your entire customer experience for the better.  Both your customers and your NPS will prove this to be the case.