If You're Considering CRM Marketing Automation, Use a Chatbot

Automated marketing solutions are set to transform the digital advertising landscape. According to Chatbot Magazine, marketing automation refers to software that aims to automate marketing actions, such as staying in touch, managing contacts, and campaign management. Overall, this CRM marketing strategy gives audiences the right information at the right time and assists businesses on gathering data. Many systems use email as their primary marketing automation channel. However, with more people using this platform, email is no longer as effective as it once was. People’s inboxes are crowded with spam and promotions from brands and companies that they never even subscribed too.

Email also isn’t a great experience for users, with links taking them out of email and into their browser, and a general lack of interactivity. Luckily, with the rise of artificial intelligence, there is now a better alternative for your communication efforts: chatbot marketing automation.

What Chatbots Offer for Marketing Automation

A chatbot is a software application built to simulate a human-like conversation. They offer customers the best mobile CRM experience by letting them talk to a member of your team, without having to supply a 24/7 human customer service team. And with huge developments in artificial intelligence, these bots are offering more authentic and seamless mobile CRM experiences than ever before.

According to Social Media Examiner, chatbot marketing automation can provide a sense of immediacy that email doesn’t. Additionally it allows marketers to share timely reminders and links.

Chatbots allow you to share customized responses, provide interactive content, and help you gather invaluable information about your customers. By leveraging immediacy and intimacy, this AI marketing automation platform can help you improve your engagement rates and move people through marketing funnels more effectively.

Why Facebook Messenger is the CRM Marketing Automation Platform of Choice

Last year, Facebook launched the Messenger platform, and many people have been building bots within Messenger as their primary AI marketing automation strategy. It is a positive experience for the users, as the bot operates right within the Messenger app, allowing visitors to remain within the platform they’re using instead of switching between others.

Chatbot marketing automation can be utilized by all different types of companies and incorporated into their mobile CRM strategy. Instead of email newsletters, news sites can use chatbots to send readers current events articles they are interested in.

Instead of promotional product emails, e-commerce companies can engage with customers through chatbots that allow people to browse, purchase, ask questions and more, right within a single platform.

When using AI marketing automation, it is important that the user doesn’t feel like they’re talking to a robot. You want them to have the most authentic experience possible.

To achieve this, it is important your chatbot has a unique voice that aligns with your brand. Imbue as much personality into your chatbot marketing automation strategy as you can. If users are entertained, it is very likely they will engage more.

When they are no longer interacting with your bot, be sure to think of ways to re-engage them using the right mobile CRM marketing techniques without being pushy or annoying. Offer them useful information and content they would be interested in, using past conversations to cater to them more personally.

Chatbot CRM is the new frontier when it comes to AI marketing automation software. Leave email in the past.