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Convert more sales and reduce customer service volume with Conversational AI. Build enhanced automated experiences across different channels with AI Assistants.

Snaps helped us execute on our vision in messaging, and according to the data, fans clearly love this new channel. We’re seeing 80% message open rates and 17% conversion rates.
- Nic Seitz, VP of Marketing Operations at Live Nation

Lean More About Live Nation's New Omnichannel Strategy

Live Nation provided site visitors a method to subscribe for ticket on-sale sale alerts through Facebook Messenger. Consumers received proactive messages when tickets went on sale through Snaps' marketing automation tools.

Conversion Rate to Sale
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2019 State of Conversational Commerce Report

54% of consumers reach out to brands during non-business hours over different conversational channels.

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Deploy AI Assistants on Your Web Chat

28% of shoppers return to make another purchase on conversational. Deploy AI assistants on your web chat and deliver always-on commerce and care that drives results.

Improvement in Sales Conversion

Enable Shipping Updates and Up-Sell on Conversational

Enable customers to subscribe for post-purchase updates on Messenger or SMS and automatically re-engage them on mobile with shipping updates.

Open Rate on Order Updates

Explore More Enterprise Use Cases

See how brands like Lane Bryant, Nike Jordan, Marriott Bonvoy, Michael Kors and more are refocusing on the online shopping and digital omnichannel push.

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Recover Abandoned Carts on Conversational

Open up new revenue channels by running automated cart recovery campaigns on conversational.

Customers who abandon their carts can be retargeted on Messenger, SMS, or pretty much any other channel and seamlessly brought back to complete their purchasing journey.

Conversion to Sale (from Abandon Cart Notifications)

Why Snaps?


Snaps’ technology empowers large enterprises to refocus on the online shopping and digital omnichannel push by supporting your enterprise’s entire customer journey.


World class solutions team and toolkit to get you to market quickly


Enterprise grade ISO 27001 Information Security Management System


Seamless integrations with your existing data and software


Authoring and training tools that support over a 130 languages


Engage on Web, SMS, Messenger, Twitter, iOS, Android and more


Customer Success team to drive forward positive business outcomes



Snaps is a recognized leader in reinventing the conversational experience. Find out how your brand can begin transforming the way it speaks to customers.